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Trainings to watch out for!

With an already blasting range of choices and options, your elitist fitness club, Meridian Fitness, also offers additional workout training routines that are fun, unconventional, and worthy of exploring

Kettlebell Training

The workout gets your heart pumping and utilizes approximately 20 calories per minute. This is close to the number of calories burnt while running a 6-minutes mile. Inclusion of the Kettlebell workout few times a week allows you to improve flexibility.

Strength Training –

This training involves the performance of physical workouts that are customized to augment endurance and strength. This is often associated to lifting weights but goes way beyond that. Trainers at the Meridian Fitness club blend several isometrics, plyometrics, and bodyweight experiences to create an enhanced endurance building experience.

CRF Training

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training relates to the capacity of the respiratory and circulatory systems to deliver oxygen to skeletal muscles for energy production during strenuous physical activities. This coupled with any of the above workout sessions delivers a safe, holistic, and noteworthy experience to Meridian club members

MMA Kickboxing Training

If physical activities and movement got together to produce the perfect movement that delivers fitness goals – it would be called MMA or kickboxing. With the performer moving constantly, kicking strikes, and punching blows on the regular, this routine combines martial arts with elaborate exercises. The performer hence ends up burning more calories whilst strengthening important muscle groups all at once.

RIP Training

This routine utilizes a level bar and resistance cord to provide a blend of core stability, power, strength, rotation, control, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance, and coordination challenges. Our in-house facility and trainers offer members with enough variations to allow users to engage in numerous movements with a range of motion.

CrossFit Training

A routine dedicated to the development of technique and form, CrossFit gifts the user with strong muscles which are not merely for one to flaunt, but also to increase strength and stamina to perform like a superhuman! What’s more, this training allows the user to tone their muscles with ease owing to the varied intense exercises and movements which burns calories at double the pace of regular and mundane workout sessions.

Battle Ropes

Meridian Fitness dedicated a custom space for members who want to indulge in the exciting routines of Battle Ropes. Battle Ropes exercises are spellbound for building muscular strength, enhancing athletic performance, and augmenting cardiorespiratory fitness. They are low-impact and may be performed sitting down. This is the exciting brother of the mundane cardio routine.

Plyo Soft Boxes

Plyo box jumps are quintessential plyometric moves where the performer jumps from the floor up onto the plyo soft box. These jumping routines pushes the users’ muscles to the max, allowing you to enhance strength, speed, and power. Areas targeted – quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Rope Pulling

Rope pulling is a worthwhile functional manner to train the user’s core and back. The training demands its own dedicated space that allows performers to be undisturbed and utilize the potential of ropes to the max. Targeted areas – back, biceps, and arms.

Rope Climbing

This enthralling sport allows users to attempt climbing a robe – as the name indicates. The sport is a great way of augmenting your agility and proprioceptive skills. The routine allows the performer to build back, arm, and core strength. It also improves the abilities of grip and stamina.


Our vast facility boasts top-notch floor for members to indulge in the sport of hurdles. At Meridian Fitness, members get to indulge in hurdles of various sizes between 30, 33, and 36 inches. Our trainers customize workouts that provide variations that are sideways, frontwards, and backwards. Targeted areas – hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominal muscles, and gluteus.

Tank/Sled Training

The Meridian Fitness club offers exquisite tanks and sleds for the user to make use of silent training alongside several resistance levels. Trainers gauge the user’s performance and increase consecutive weights to the sled push that allows the users to burn fat, build strong muscles, and cardiovascular functionality.

Functional Training

For folks who want to build strength and stamina for performing daily tasks, the Meridian Fitness club trainers customize workout routines that typically uses the whole body. The focus is on multiple muscles and the emphasis is on core stability and strength.


Calisthenics Training

A form of strength training, calisthenics consists of numerous variations of movements that exercise large muscle groups used for activities like grasping, pushing, and standing, etc. Trainers at Meridian Fitness strategize routines which may be performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment. This training routine is a fun variation of regular bodyweight exercises.



“Meridian Fitness Studio “Your Dream is your Signature”-As tag line is self-explanatory, which we are more focused on bringing a better change in terms of Physical and Mental health by providing authentic trainings accordingly. As mentioned above, Client Centricity plays an important role again in this prospect. This would be more of Goal oriented for our clients for their betterment.”

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